Cortex Community Hub

A diverse and vibrant community where innovation is at its core and discuss all major issues of industries.

Step 1: Join the community group in LinkedIn

The community group is a place where members share critical issues among industries that need to be solved in order to have a better, more secure, and efficient world. If you are a professional in Tech (IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, 5G, AI, ML), Oil & Gas, Supply Chain, Energy, Healthcare, Mining, Transportation, etc, you are welcome to join us.

Step 2: Start sharing your opinions freely

After joining the group, feel free to share your thoughts about the issues of industries based on your experience and expertise. Every opinion is welcome. We believe that this community will help to reach our mission, to solve the most critical issues of industries.

Step 3: Invite your connections

In order to grow this community and get as much feedback from experts, we would appreciate if you invite your connections which you think will be an added value for the community.