Cortex for water management

Building a world with transparent water supply, reduced waste and efficient management.


Transform water management with IoT and blockchain.

From Africa and India to the US and UK, water scarcity is an international problem. To help address this growing issue, the solution is to apply smart technologies at scale with purpose and knowledge to monitor water resources that supply water to people. Smart water systems based on IoT, big data, and analytics can reduce the amount of water that's wasted during agricultural and manufacturing processes, improve the efficiency of water distribution systems, and alert companies if toxins or other impurities are detected. Blockchain has the potential to provide an efficient water management platform to eliminate centralized water markets, abolish unfair practices of extracting excessive water fees from consumers, and more. Through an IoT-Blockchain-based infrastructure, Cortex is helping to improve the management of water resources.



Privacy and security

A ledger that is shared across network partners and indelible means that tampering, fraud, and cyber-crime are much more difficult. Enable the highest level of security, performance, and stability.

Trust across parties

Blockchain networks help assure data integrity by storing an immutable, single version of the truth. Network participants can collaborate with confidence as they exchange information while controlling data access.

Reducing data leaks

Blockchain can reduce the time, cost and risks of managing sensitive information by providing an immutable and transparent audit trail for regulatory compliance, contract management, identity management and citizen services.

Increase transparency

Through distributed ledger technology that provides a shared, single version of the truth, Cortex gives permissioned participants greater visibility across all activities.

Risk mitigation

Streamline shared processes, increase accountability, minimize disputes and automate reconciliation tasks.

Full traceability

Blockchain can provide real-time visibility on the entire infrastructure and processes, eliminating blind spots across public and private entities.