Cortex for mining and metals

Connected, smarter, and safer operations. Manage assets and performance transparently through automation.


Transform mining industry with IoT and blockchain.

The driving purpose for mining organisations’ utilisation of IoT in their operations is to increase productivity and cost optimisation. By implementing internet of things (IoT) on mining hardware and systems that monitor equipment, diggers can utilise huge sets of data, also known as big data, to find more cost-effective methods of conducting their operations and further developing efficiency along these lines. Combining also the blockchain, mining companies, as deeply data-driven operations, could massively benefit from secure, time-stamped, and tamper-proof data. Being able to communicate it transparently where desired undoubtedly enhances an operation’s value.



Privacy and security

A ledger that is shared across network partners and indelible means that tampering, fraud, and cyber-crime are much more difficult. Enable the highest level of security, performance, and stability.

Trust across parties

Blockchain networks help assure data integrity by storing an immutable, single version of the truth. Network participants can collaborate with confidence as they exchange information while controlling data access.

Reducing data leaks

Blockchain can reduce the time, cost and risks of managing sensitive information by providing an immutable and transparent audit trail for regulatory compliance, contract management, identity management and citizen services.

Increase transparency

Through distributed ledger technology that provides a shared, single version of the truth, Cortex gives permissioned participants greater visibility across all activities.

Risk mitigation

Streamline shared processes, increase accountability, minimize disputes and automate reconciliation tasks.

Full traceability

Blockchain can provide real-time visibility on the entire infrastructure and processes, eliminating blind spots across public and private entities.