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Is blockchain needed?

Depending on your business case and industry. If your business is operating in the industries mentioned or similar to them, then blockchain can provide different values to your business, from improved security, transparency to risk mitigation and trust across parties.


Why Hyperledger Sawtooth?

It is an enterprise-level blockchain. It has increased security from using byzantine-fault tolerance consensus. It supports parallel scheduling and has permissioned / permissionless configuration. Sawtooth was also created specifically for storing data, handling 1300 transactions / second.


Why implementing Cortex?

Because of the benefits and values the infrastructure brings. It was designed specifically to help the industries adapt with the future technologies and solve the most critical problems with security, transparency, and privacy.


Will Cortex fit our IT infrastructure?

Yes. Cortex architecture was designed to be flexible with the IT infrastructures across different industries, and be integrated easily. One of the examples is the universal solution we created for the gateways.


Permissioned or permissionless blockchain?

Depending on your case. Permissionless blockchain is used when the supply chain is very long, and the results need to be visualized from everyone, such as food trust case. Meanwhile, permissioned networks are known for their ability to protect the privacy of transactions.


What are the benefits of IoT and Blockchain?

Improved security and privacy. Trust across the parties. Reducing data leaks. Increasing transparency on the processes and supply chain. Risk mitigation. Full traceability. Increased efficiency and reducing costs. Minimizing disputes and automating reconciliation tasks.


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