How to get started with Cortex now.

Start disrupting and turn your enterprise goals into business reality. Produce new values, rewrite the rules, and change the way the world works.

Step 1: Review the industries where Cortex is operating

Cortex has built an infrastructure that is flexible and adaptable for different industries. You can learn more about the benefits and infrastructure here and check out the specific industry listed. If you are operating in a different industry from the listed ones, feel free to contact us and describe your use case. We make the onboarding process easy and comply with your IT infrastructure.

Step 2: Check the details for piloting.

After checking the industries and the benefits of the infrastructure, you can check the pricing section for the piloting stage. In the piloting stage, you become a pilot of Cortex. Based on the plan, you will get the AWS instance, the blockchain application included in the cloud, the platform details, and the tailored application for your gateway, or you can get the Cortex G8 and start sending the data into the blockchain. To get a detailed introduction, you can schedule a 1-on-1 free consultation meeting.

Step 3: Partner with others for new opportunities

During the pilot stage, you will start getting the feedback and the benefits of the blockchain brilliance. To unlock new values, you need other parties to become members of your chain. You and your partners will have an ecosystem in your industry where IoT and blockchain are at its core and will start sharing transparent data, have stronger, faster, and automated supply chains, where blockchain verify all the data. In this way, you will start changing how the world works, and help us reach our vision: Creating a data-centric future with transparency at its core.

Read the documentation to learn how to invite other parties to your ecosystem